About the Week
The Week will take place from 4-10 June 2018, LAHF is co-ordinating Creativity and Wellbeing Week and is delighted to be collaborating with the National Alliance for Arts Health and Wellbeing to deliver Creativity and Wellbeing Plus. Partners from across the country will be delivering events and arts in health organisations and practitioners are now also invited to submit their own events to be part of Creativity and Wellbeing Plus.

The Week  will include a huge range of events providing something for everyone with an interest in the arts, health and wellbeing.

Some events may be focused on particular themes, or aimed at particular target audiences (such as medical students, artists, the press or funders). Some events will be for people working in this area to get together and discuss particular issues. Some events will  be opportunities for people new to this work to learn about the ways in which creativity can affect health. And some events will simply be a chance to experience how the arts can boost your own wellbeing.