June 2019

Dance for wellbeing: Akademi and CW+

Dance has the power to brighten a person’s day, whether through interaction with the dancer or just watching a dance performance. Akademi has been taking professional dancers into hospitals across London for the past 21 years and is continually finding new ways and new spaces to dance in; atriums, waiting lounges, day rooms, hospital schools and at the bedside. Dance has the ability to connect at an emotional level, as well as allow people to explore their creativity and rhythm.

CW+ Art Collection Tour of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s charity CW+ has a pioneering arts in health programme, which was integrated when the site first opened in 1993. 26 years later, the programme continues to expand and grow, combining visual and performing arts into a patient-focused healthcare environment, with over 2000 artworks in one of the most renowned hospital art collections in the UK.