CW+ Art Collection Tour of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s charity CW+ has a pioneering arts in health programme, which was integrated when the site first opened in 1993. 26 years later, the programme continues to expand and grow, combining visual and performing arts into a patient-focused healthcare environment, with over 2000 artworks in one of the most renowned hospital art collections in the UK.

This collection ranges from renaissance oil paintings such as The Resurrection by Paolo Veronese, to innovative digital installations such as Stones Against Diamonds by Isaac Julien CBE.

The integration of visual arts into a healthcare setting is based on evidence that the environment that surrounds a patient can significantly contribute to their healing process, reduce the length of their hospital stay and improve physical and mental wellbeing. Art promotes an unconscious association with a world outside of a clinical hospital environment, allowing the viewer to fully immerse their visual senses into work that is positively stimulating.

The Chelsea and Westminster collection holds some prestigious names, including Tracy Emin, Albert Irvin, Edward Bawden and Terry Frost; as well as more contemporary names such as Adam Nathaniel Furman, Jinny Blom, Lewis Khan and Chloe Dewe Mathews. This diversity of artists, disciplines and medias creates a collection that proves to withstand time, continuing to develop and welcome new additions as the hospital grows.

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