Blood & Mud - Malaria bites the dirt!

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Event date: 
14 June 2019
15 June 2019
16 June 2019
11.00 - 19:00
Event duration: 
8 Hours
Type of event: 
All ages
Access for wheelchair users: 
Other access provisions or restrictions: 
First floor flat with steep stairs, no access for push chairs or wheelchairs.
Venue name: 
Purple Pots,
69 Wellesley Road

About the event

Malaria is one of the major causes of death and morbidity worldwide, an estimated 3.4 billion, nearly half of the world’s population in 91 countries are at risk, 1.2 million at high risk. In 2017 there were an estimated 219 million cases and 435, 000 deaths, 92% in sub-Saharan Africa. One child dies from malaria every two minutes.

Transmitted by the bite of the infected female anopheles mosquito, 5 members Plasmodium species parasite falciparum, vivax, ovale, malariae, and knowlesi cause malaria in humans. P.falciparum, the most deadly form of malaria, predominates in Africa.

Parasite resistance to artemisinin, the core of artemisinin combination treatment (ACT) was first identified in 2006 on the Thai-Cambodia border spreading to include Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. The worry is that this will spread to Africa and elsewhere. Other issues such as insecticide resistance, access to mosquito nets, early diagnosis and treatment and counterfeit drugs hamper efforts toward eradication of this disease.

Here in clay Purple Pots represents the female anopheles mosquito (the males do not bite!), the lifecycle of plasmodium falciparum parasite within the red blood cell from the immature trophozoite or ring stage, mature trophozoite developing into the schizont and finally the gametocyte which is taken up by the next female mosquito during her blood meal to complete the life cycle. I am also depicting the rather beautiful chemical structure of artemisinin the core of artemisinin combination treatments.

Together with fellow ceramicists Purple Pots also Wonder of the Tropical Habitat in clay as part of the Walthamstow Arts Trail.


Purple Pots
Purple Pots


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