Demistify: The Hospital Art Collection as Perfume

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Event details

Event date: 
11 June 2019
13.00 - 20:00
Event duration: 
drop in, 1pm-8pm
Type of event: 
All ages
Access for wheelchair users: 
Venue name: 
Charing Cross Hospital
Fulham Palace Rd, Hammersmith, London
W6 8RF


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Ticketing information: 
Tickets are free and places are unlimited but we do request you sign up here:
Email address to reserve a place:

About the event

In partnership with Imperial Health Charity, "on the mend" are launching 'Demistify' - an event which reimagines a hospital art collection as a series of perfumes. The sense of smell is one of our most developed yet least understood sense and is known to be beneficial to the health of those with dementia and brain injuries. Charing Cross hospital has specialist stroke and neuro-rehabilitation units as well as elderly care wards.  Our aim is to find a more inclusive and unusual way to enjoy the amazing art collection at Charing Cross. Demistify looks to use the sense of smell to demystify the art world, providing an alternative, wellbeing focused platform to enjoy art.


on the mend
Sophia Luu


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