Inner Theatre

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Event date: 
16 June 2019
13:30 - 17:30
Event duration: 
4 Hours
Type of event: 
Workshop / participation
Over 18s only
Access for wheelchair users: 
Venue name: 
Evolution Arts
2 Sillwood Terrace
Entrance through the shop on Western Road


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Limited places

About the event

In this workshop we will be using Family Constellations to explore our inner landscape: the different parts of ourselves which show up in our lives.

Early childhood experiences can fragment our sense of self: We may feel that we can't ever completely relax, that we have to hide some of our feelings or that we can't be fully authentic, because behaviours that we learnt in order to fit in are now running the show.

We will be exploring this inner landscape by mapping the different parts, with members of the group representing these aspects for each other. Witnessing our inner theatre can provide us with insights into these dynamics and the impetus for change.

Using Theatre and Storytelling techniques we will embrace an expanded perspective of our journeys, mitigating the intensity through lightness ad curiosity. Weaving our experiences through the arts creates a buffer. When we work with the arts we are able to step back and observe the fire and protect ourselves from the burn. In creating a living physical storybook from our constellation work we translate our inner landscape into meaningful metaphor. The art holds us in the space as we learn to hold the truth of ourselves.

Arts Focus
Theatre, movement, use of metaphor

Wellbeing Focus
Shadow work, integration of life experiences, self-acceptance, rehearsal of the possible.

Facilitated by Julie Ulbricht - Family Constellations & Vikki Parker - Theatre Practitioner / Artiist

Part of Brighton Creativity & Wellbeing Week 2019. Full programme at

Art Yourself Alive


Vikki Parker - Intuitive Artist
Vikki Parker


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