PATIENTS AS PEOPLE: A visual voice

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Event date: 
2 June 2014
3 June 2014
4 June 2014
5 June 2014
6 June 2014
7 June 2014
8 June 2014
9 June 2014
10 June 2014
11 June 2014
Event duration: 
6 Hours
Type of event: 
All ages
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The Atrium, Department of Health
Skipton House

About the event

This event is not open to the public

After being commissioned by Neil Churchill Director of Patient Experience NHS England to be exhibited at 'The Health and Care Innovation Expo' in Manchester at the start of March the results of a collaborative art project between a surgeon, an artist and patients will be on show in an exhibition in the Atrium of The Department for Health, Skipton House, London.

The exhibition is part of an ongoing project titled Patient As Paper: A visual voice, and contains a selection of forty-eight patient portraits which seek to explain and capture patients' emotional responses to hospital investigations and treatments. It also aims to encourage healthcare professionals to develop the ability to reflect on art and interpret it in a way that may positively influence interactions with patients.

These photos give an idea of what it feels like for that person at that moment in hospital.  It shows patients as people, with lives, loves, dreams, hopes, fears.  This is what it means to put patients at the centre, to give patients a voice.  These images encourage us to ask, listen, reflect, share and learn. Lydia Salice (NHS Management Graduate Scheme)

The project was developed by Artist in Residence Emma Barnard MA (RCA) and Barts Health consultant ENT surgeon Mr Michael Papesch FRACS with the support of Professor Chris McManus, Professor of Psychology and Medical Education at UCL.

The exhibition will be on display between 2nd May until 6th June in the Atrium of the Department of Health, Skipton House, London. There will be a presentation of further work by Emma Barnard and Mike Papesch to accompany the exhibition.

For more information visit w:!patient-as-paper Twitter @PatientAsPaper


Emma Barnard and Mike Papesch


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