Safe Ground: An Unlikely Collaboration by Kate Hughes and Anne Thompson

Collaborative work by Kate Hughes and Anne Thompson
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Event details

Event date: 
2 June 2014
3 June 2014
4 June 2014
5 June 2014
6 June 2014
7 June 2014
8 June 2014
9 June 2014
10 June 2014
11 June 2014
Type of event: 
All ages
Access for wheelchair users: 
Venue name: 
The Coffee Shop, Sydney Wing, Royal Brompton Hospital
Sydney Street

About the event

Anne and Kate live sixteen miles apart. They talk on the phone. They have never met, should never meet. Rare genes mean they carry bacteria dangerous only to each other (and others like them).

Anne and Kate both have cystic fibrosis, and both are treated for their condition at Royal Brompton Hospital, which now hosts a new collaborative exhibition of their work.

The artists are each showing a new series of work, as well as a new collaborative piece sent back and forth through post and email. The collaboration has a poetic quality – a shared experience in both life and art, themes in common if methods diverse. Though their work is different, there is a kinship immediately apparent.



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