Shifting Self Identities| Cancer Stories

Event details

Event date: 
11 June 2019
12 June 2019
13 June 2019
Event duration: 
11th, 12th until 5pm; 13th until 8pm
Type of event: 
All ages
Access for wheelchair users: 
Venue name: 
Baring Room at The Manor House
34 Old Road
SE13 5SY
Baring Room is on the first floor of the Manor House

About the event

An exhibition of work from two organisations, Fruit Fly Collective and The Breast Cancer Art Project, around the shift in self-identity after a cancer diagnosis. The loss of identity after a cancer diagnosis is a common experience, and the pathway to a new identity is often complex.

Fruit Fly Collective's pieces uses narratives, taken from people who have experienced cancer, that explore both the non-linear movement of self-identity throughout a lifetime, and the movement of power from clinicians to patients, enabling patients to take more ownership of their own health. Informed by stories from people who have experienced cancer, a collective voice emerged, through a series of artworks using metaphors, and visual narratives, to demonstrate this journey or movement from one identity to another.

The Breast Cancer Art Project is a non-profit platform for anyone affected by breast cancer to express themselves through the power of art and creativity. It aims to support emotional healing from breast cancer, reduce feelings of isolation, and improve understanding, and hopefully care, around the psychological impacts of the disease. At its core is inclusivity – all artforms are welcome, from anywhere in the world, any stage of diagnosis or recovery (as well as those affected indirectly), women and men, and crucially any level of skill, from amateurs through to professional artists. This exhibition will showcase different pieces to highlight the impact and the diversity of the project.


Fruit Fly Collective
Caroline Leek


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