Time to Create: a digital celebration of creativity

The Arts Health Early Career Research Network
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10 June 2019
11 June 2019
12 June 2019
13 June 2019
14 June 2019
15 June 2019
16 June 2019
Online event to do anytime
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All ages
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Online Event
Online Event
Online Event

About the event

Is there something creative in your life that supports your wellbeing? The Arts Health ECRN and MARCH Network want to hear from you! This Creativity and Wellbeing week, we ask you to create a short video (under a minute) of something creative that supports your health and to tweet/facebook it to us using #TimeToCreate. This could be a video of you creating something - such as a drawing or a poem - or it could simply be footage of some nature that inspires you. Anything and everything is welcome! We will then bring together all of your ideas at the end of the week to celebrate.

The Arts Health ECRN is a free network bringing together early career researchers working on projects that lie at the intersection of the arts, humanities, health and medicine. For more information, visit https://www.artshealthecrn.com/

The MARCH Network seeks to transform our understanding of how social, cultural & community assets can support mental health. For more information, visit https://www.marchnetwork.org/


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