Women's Creative Activation Walk

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Event details

Event date: 
17 June 2017
Event duration: 
2 hours
Type of event: 
Walk / tour
Target audience and any restrictions: 
For women and girls only.
Family friendly
Access for wheelchair users: 
Venue name: 
Tate Britain
Meet on the front steps of Tate Britain


Ticketing information: 
Please visit the website to book.

About the event

We're going to be walking creatively through London, using our surroundings as inspiration and a means of activating our creative purpose. 

During the walk you'll experience a mini iamadventures trip. There will be creative playfulness, silent moments, throught provoking tasks, networking and walking to liven your body and awaken your soul. 

iamadventures' walks are designed to ignite your creativity, inspiration and human potential, providing the space, freedom and catalyst for you to come alive amongst like minded adventure maidens. 

iamadventures is a social business designed to empower women and girls through creative walking adventures across the globe. It is built around the belief that adventure and creativity can bring about positive social change at large. 

One of our biggest aims is to empower women and girls to be brave and curious to start walking creatively in this world in order to bring about positive social change at large.

Join us on our adventure! 

Starting location is Tate Britain and we'll be walking along the river towards the Tate Modern, stopping along the way.

This is an event specifically for women and girls, though it is family friendly we advise not to bring girls under 7 years old.


Natalia Komis


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