Woolly Wellbeing Research Big Online 'Sit and Stitch'

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Event details

Event date: 
6 June 2015
13.00 - 16.00
Event duration: 
3 hours (in range of time zones)
Type of event: 
Workshop / participation
All ages
Venue name: 

About the event

Woolly Wellbeing Research is a closed Facebook group for yarn-crafting women contributing to a PhD study exploring wellbeing and identity in knit and crochet groups online and in 'real life'.

We are over 300 strong, with members from across the globe - including the UK, Eastern Europe, USA, South Africa, Egypt, Australia, Canada - and growing all the time.

Because of time differences, this will be global event- we will be enjoying an ONLINE 'sit and stitch' with our current knit and crochet projects WHENEVER it happens to be 1-4pm in our home countries.  We will share images of what we are making and 'chat' about how creating with wool has a positive impact on our wellbeing.

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Woolly Wellbeing Research Group
Alison Mayne


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