Information for event organisers

Key dates and deadlines

In order to properly promote events in the week, we are planning to produce a brochure listing events. In order to make sure your event is included in the brochure, you need to have uploaded all the details of your event by midday 29th March onto the dedicated website Events uploaded after this date will still feature in the Week but they will not appear in the brochure.

The Week: 10-16 June 2019

Is my event suitable?

Creativity and Wellbeing Week is an arts festival dedicated to celebrating the impact culture can have on health and wellbeing.  Everything in the week needs to reference creativity and wellbeing.  We are open to a wide range of events and activities but all must have at their heart this relationship between arts and health.  We hope to include a very wide range of events and themes in the Week to reflect the diversity of practice within this dynamic area of work but broadly speaking for inclusion in the week events must:

  • demonstrate, or be relevant to, the use of the arts, culture or creativity in promoting health and wellbeing.
  • take place between 10-16 June inclusive. 

Events may be part of a regular programme of work or may be “one-off” special events.  The Week is designed to showcase the great work that goes on across London all year round. This may be achieved by highlighting an element of your regular activity or by offering “behind the scenes” access, for example a tour of a hospital art collection, or an “open studio”.  Similarly, events which continue beyond this time period as well, eg. an exhibition or a series of lectures are fine, please add these details in the "other information" section of the form.

Events must be “open” to some extent and not restricted purely to an invited audience.
Restricting access or participation to particular groups, eg. service users by referral, medical professionals, students in a particular field or a particular age group, and limiting numbers is fine.

Wherever possible events should be accessible to the widest possible audience or range of participants; both in physical terms (eg. access for people with disabilities) and financial (ie cost to attend).

If you are holding two or more events please submit the details separately.  For example, if you are holding an exhibition which runs throughout the Week and a private view / opportunity to meet the artist on a particular day during that time please add the exhibition as one event and the private view as another.

Please note, all submitted events will be moderated before being published on the site, this may take a few days. 

If you are not sure or would like to discuss your ideas before submitting an event please contact