Past events - 2013

15 June
Creative Croydon

Use creative techniques and sound to reflect on your midsummer needs. We will sing, use toning, have a sound bath with metallophones and singing bowls, use creative visualisation and art to have a serene and delicious restful space.

19 June

Short performance by students at the Brit School as part of their Nordoff Robbins residency at Royal Brompton, learning about performance in hospitals.

18 June
Architects for Health

The event will showcase creative works by practitioners in health: three collaborative partnerships will present their projects integrating art works with architectural design.  Speakers will include Sue Ridge, Guy Noble and Jane Willis

22 June
CoolTan Arts

Join a fun guided walk for an exciting evening of summer solstice lunacy with CoolTan Arts!

17 June, 18 June, 19 June, 20 June, 22 June
London Bubble Theatre

A series of free performances and conversations to mark creativity and well being week (and to show off our new building)

22 June
Healing Arts Team

Join us for the afternoon for yoga, relaxation, chat and tea - and an opportunity to try out a range of different healing arts techniques with the team. You can also enjoy the art work on show or browse our extensive library. 

20 June
tap arts project/ agency for life

Today’s GPs face a career of ever-constant change implemented from outside and within their surgeries, which can be perceived as stressful.

21 June

A tour of installations at Royal Brompton Hospital, including work by Susan Aldworth, illustrator Jill Calder and artist and cartoonist Steven Appleby.

19 June
Sound Minds - the arts for mental health

Learners will explore the requirements for successful studio portraiture, basic camera settings and positioning, and studio lighting including chroma key setup.

22 June
Mind in Haringey

Create your path to wellbeing

One in 4 people will experience emotional struggles and common mental health problems at some point in their lives.