Past events - 2013

21 June
Claremont Project


Royal College of Music students Joo Yeon Sir and Natsumi Ikenaga will be performing in Claremont as part of our Summer Concert Series.  

21 June
Sound Minds

Work as a team to select, create, refine and perform at least one musical work, using the range of available instruments in the Sound Minds rehearsal room. Enthusiasm is more important than prior musical knowledge.

21 June

Joyofsound in partnership with Lambeth Arts and London Arts in Health Forum

21 June
London Arts in Health Forum

London Creativity and Wellbeing Week will close with an Extravaganza of dance, music, theatre, film and painting in one huge celebration of arts in health in action.

22 June, 24 June
GV Art

Elastic Theatre returns to GV Art gallery, London
22 June 7 to 9 pm, 23 & 24th June 11am to 6 pm (duration 35 minutes with hourly screenings).

22 June
Meadow Orchard Project

The Meadow Orchard project will provide free (or very very low cost) creativity and well being activity for all to enjoy on this beautiful community managed garden and orchard.

22 June
London Art Therapy Centre

Come and experience the benefits of art therapy. There will be a short introduction followed by a 2-hour creative workshop where you can express yourself creatively using a variety of art materials.

22 June
CoolTan Arts

Join a fun guided walk for an exciting evening of summer solstice lunacy with CoolTan Arts!

22 June

Launch of Wellness workshops aimed at any member of the community but specifically geared toward carers and parents.Wellness for the week focuses on Caring for the carer and believes that a happy parent/carer = happy family.Learn techni

22 June
Healing Arts Team

Join us for the afternoon for yoga, relaxation, chat and tea - and an opportunity to try out a range of different healing arts techniques with the team. You can also enjoy the art work on show or browse our extensive library.