Past events - 2013

22 June
Monia Brizzi and Simeon Nelson present an Art and Psychology Experiential Encounter

 'only in artworks do rock, metal, and color first become what they are rather than being absorbed and suppressed by some ulterior function. Both masons and sculptors use stone.

22 June
Unlocking Your Creativity

This workshop will provide a safe space in which to explore personal experiences through writing, and to discover how we can use these experiences to inspire creative works.Please note that this course is not about writing memoir, but a

22 June
Free Space Gallery

Chair a collaboration between artists Dot Young,

22 June, 24 June
GV Art

Elastic Theatre returns to GV Art gallery, London
22 June 7 to 9 pm, 23 & 24th June 11am to 6 pm (duration 35 minutes with hourly screenings).

22 June
Meadow Orchard Project

The Meadow Orchard project will provide free (or very very low cost) creativity and well being activity for all to enjoy on this beautiful community managed garden and orchard.

24 June
National Portrait Gallery

This event is on Monday 24th June

Free drop in drawing workshops for disabled adults