Past events - 2016

14 June 2016
We= Coaching Communications Consultancy

We know that our wellbeing – wellness or otherwise – has an impact on how we see and ‘present’ ourselves to the world.

14 June 2016
York Castle Museum

York Castle Museum Creativity and Wellbeing Week

14 June 2016
And So She Thinks

A writing workshop using exercises to help stimulate creativity, explore one’s self, be a bit playful, and enhance a sense of wellbeing.

14 June 2016
Watkins Media

Join creators of Colouring for Contemplation, Amber Hatch and Alex Ogg, to learn how to use colouring to develop mindfulness.

14 June 2016
Joy of Sound (JOS)

For People of All Ages and Abilities

No Experience Required - Just the will to Participate

Morning and Afternoon Inclusive Combined Music and Arts Workshops

14 June 2016
OPEN Ealing

"The paintings were windows through which I could see snippets of other people's lives, and in doing so recognise something of my own"; so says Christine Dwyer Hickey in her response to The Goose Girl by Stanley Royle.

14 June 2016
Breathe Arts Health Research

Take your partners and dance - the floor is open! Dancing can be fun and can be good for you too!

13 June 2016
The Dragon Cafe

Sharing experiences of the system and visions for the future. Inspiring new thinking about how mental health services can be more creative, more healing, and more human for all.

13 June 2016, 14 June 2016, 15 June 2016, 16 June 2016, 17 June 2016
St Pancras Hospital Arts Project

From January - September 2015 the artist Alexa Wright was Artist in Residence at North and South Camden NHS Foundation Trust recovery centres.

13 June 2016
Equal Arts

Our Creative Age project runs at several cultural venues in the North East. It aims to provide people living dementia and their carers with greater access to the arts and creative opportunities.